Guarantee service

The quality guarantee provided by the Seller does not limit or limit the Buyer’s (consumer’s) rights which are established by legal acts after purchasing the Goods or service of inappropriate quality.

The main features of the each product sold by the Seller and the guarantee period are indicated in the product description in the e-shop 

The guarantee service of the Goods is performed by the Guarantee Service Department of Lemona JSC.

After determining the fault of the purchased product, please deliver the product to the UAB "Lemona" stores (you can find the addresses of the UAB "Lemona" stores here), or fill out the product quarantee repair report and send product to the following address: UAB "LEMONA", Raštikio st. 26, KAUNAS, LT-50130, Lithuania, Phone no. 862041616.


The product guarantee repair report is available here:


The buyer can contact for guarantee service questions by email: [email protected]

Faults caused by the manufacturer during the guarantee service shall be removed within the following time limits: 7 to 28 calendar days from the delivery of the Goods to the guarantee service. If the part required for guarantee repairs has to be delivered from abroad or the Goods are delivered to the manufacturer, the guarantee service period may be longer than 28 days. In all cases, the aim is to provide guarantee service in the shortest possible time.

Other information

We will be happy to answer all your questions by email [email protected].

Requests or complaints about the Goods or service purchased through our e-shop can be submitted via the electronic consumer dispute resolution platform at

Detailed purchase and sale rules of the e-shop is available here.

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