LEMONA electronics' Producer Registration Number WEEE

LEMONA electronics is a seller of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), and therefore finds itself liable to WEEE Regulations. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations are a crucial set of guidelines designed to address the growing environmental concerns associated with the disposal of electronic devices. These regulations establish a framework for the proper collection, recycling, and disposal of electronic waste to minimize its negative impact on the environment and human health. WEEE Regulations often mandate that manufacturers take responsibility for the entire life cycle of their products, from production to disposal. 

Tens of thousands of EEE items that are not properly disposed of end up in landfills every year, causing pollution on our planet. By enforcing WEEE Regulations, governments aim to promote sustainable consumption, reduce electronic waste in landfills, conserve valuable resources, and mitigate the potential risks posed by improper disposal of electronic waste. LEMONA electronics wants to be a part of this change, so we readily embrace all the responsibilities outlined in the WEEE Regulations, including quarterly data submissions through the UK’s largest compliance scheme, BEYONDLY. 

LEMONA electronics' Producer Registration Number is WEE/MM0996AA.

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